Friday, March 27, 2009

For your birthday we give you....childhood obesity!

Ryan turned 4 on Feb  23rd!  We asked him what he wanted to eat/ do for his special day and he told us (1) Doughnuts in bed for breakfast (2) A special lunch with friends at McDo
nalds and (3) a  pizza picnic at home with the fam & Gma & Gpa Sleight.

For those of you who don't 
get to spend your days and nights with such a great kid, here are a few things we love about him.
  • He is the comedian in the family and loves to make us laugh with his jokes, observations, rump shaking and overall silliness.
  • He gives the best hugs with very tight squeezing.
  • He has the most contagious laugh.  Sometimes he laughs so hard that his big smile forces his eyes closed and you can't help but belly laugh with him.
  • White hair/blue eyes/red face.  This is Ry playing in the summer at the park.
  • His favorite sport is golf and he loves to hit golf balls outside and he can beat anyone in the family at Wii Golf.  He's no hacker either.  The kid has a natural ability at sports.
  • He has a very amusing temper.  Lately he'll be angry and complaining about people leaving toys out that he stepped on...we have to gently remind him they are HIS toys that HE left out.
  • He loves looking at houses with his mom and her clients, particularly when the houses are vacant.
  • He insists on a cereal milk ratio of 1 to 5.  Each morning it's the same routine.  I fill the sippy bowl with a little cereal and a lot of milk.  He drinks all the milk first and wastes the cereal.  He's hungry about 10 mins after I clean up breakfast.
  • He loves weapons.   Swords are the weapons of choice.  We own lots of them.
  • He loves to wrestle his Dad and Grandpa.  They have to sleep with one eye open open around Ry cause he loves to wake them up with a knee to your ribs.  He is rough with his dad but is gentle with all his friends and wouldn't dream of hurting them.
  • His standard of measurement for everything (feelings, emotions, time, etc) is his own wing span.  Always using his hands and arms to tell me how much or how little.
  • He loves music and all our CD's have 4yr old fingerprints all over them.
  • He hates Sacrament Meeting.    Every night he asks "What day is it tomorrow?"  He's thrilled when the answer includes school or sports camp.   But, when we tell him it's Sunday he always groans and tells us Sacrament Meeting is too long.  Can't really blame him for that one.
  • He simply adores his father and tells me often that when he's a dad, he and Craig will ride to work together.  I intend to hold him to that.
  • He would spend all day everyday outside.  Doesn't matter how hot or how cold.
  • About a month ago he told us he changed his name to Keaton and that's what we were to call him.  We honored that request for about 5 minutes.  He loves and misses all his cousins and wears their hand-me-downs with the utmost pride.
  • He loves his sister and brother.  He wants to play with Lizzie every minute that she is home.  When Lizzie isn't around he turns his attention to his younger brother and he can't wait until Andrew is old enough to really play with him.  Ry loves to teach Andrew new things.  This week he has been teaching Andrew how to blow raspberries and spray spit while doing it.
  • He is very particular about the sweets that he eats.   He loves birthday cake but he won't touch it if it is a  Girl-themed cake.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A White Christmas in Tremonton

We decided to surprise Grandma and Grandpa Firth  and we showed up at their door the week before Christmas.  They had no idea that we were coming.  We can't believe that we were able to keep it a secret for so long.  We had a great time visiting with family and friends.  The kids really loved playing in the snow.  There were some days that they stayed outside all day long.  They really loved sledding and being towed in the sled behind the 4-wheeler and snowmobile.  It was a great trip!  

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nativity Puppets

Okay Adri, here are the pictures. The first one is Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Next are 2 shephards and the inn keeper.

Then we have the wise men.
Obviously, a donkey, sheep, and cow.
The Angel of the Lord and an angel choir.
I don't know why the pictures are turned, but they are. I tried to fix them, but in my files they are correct. Good Luck!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Really, are you kidding me?

Okay, so I thought I'd give the blog a little facelift and change the background. Good idea right? So I did exactly as "cutest blog on the block" instructed and what happens? Two backgrounds! Now not only is my blog sparse, but it looks ridiculous. I think this is payback for Kim and I putting AC/DC and Alice Cooper on my mom's blog because her computer isn't playing sound and she doesn't know it's there. Please, someone help me fix this!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Enjoying Warm Weather in November

It was about 70 degrees here on Nov 2nd so after Lizzie's soccer game we took the kids to a great new park in McLean VA. Here are some pics from the outing.